What is the golf permission?

The handicap or permission to play is an official permit, needed to play on golf courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries worldwide.

Golf permission in 5 days

Take a 5-day golf license course with me, including golf equipment if required, and receive your ID immediately after passing the exam, either handed over or sent by post.

How much does a course permission cost?

I am offering the golf license in 5 days for only € 495. This includes the theoretical and practical preparation, the final exam and a set of clubs for the lessons. If you also want to play golf but do not have a set of clubs, you can borrow a complete set of clubs for € 25 per day or half a set of clubs for € 15 per day.

The course permission exam

The course qualification test consists of three different parts that are included in the overall assessment. The behavior on the course (golf etiquette) is checked in order to ensure safety, speedy playing time and the protection of the golf course. A theoretical test consisting of 30 questions, divided into easy to difficult categories, must be completed. 9 holes are played in the exam, with the best 6 holes being assessed.