Custom Fitting

Adapt your golf clubs to your individual specifications so that your driver achieves more range and hits your iron more accurately. You can have your golf clubs adjusted to your body size, posture and hand width at my facility.

Ready for delivery in 48 hours

Competent partner

For more than 80 years, the Austrian company Komperdell has specialized in the production of high quality golf clubs and many other sports equipment. With its high quality standards, Komperdell even offers a 3-year repair guarantee. Find out more about Komperdell on the company’s website.

What is measured

Handle Fitting

The playing strength can be optimized by choosing the right grip. Depending on the dimensions of the hand, the handle diameter is adjusted and a distinction is made between standard, slim or oversize.

Stem fitting

The bending point (kick point), weight, stiffness (flex) and torsion (torque) can be adjusted. These parameters influence accuracy, flight behavior, point of impact, altitude or swing feeling.

Swing weight

By adjusting the club head weight, swing dynamics and swing distance can be optimized. A higher club head weight can achieve a longer flight distance.

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Loft Fitting

By adjusting the inclination of the golf club's face, the flight curve and striking distance can be optimized.

Lie Fitting

In order to optimize the direction of the shot, the club head angle can be adapted to the club length. If your club is too upright on impact, your shots will move to the left of your target. Conversely, if your club is too flat, your strokes will go to the right.