What is the space maturity?

The course maturity, or also called course permit, is necessary in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries in order to be able to play 9 or 18 holes on a golf course.

Ready for place in

5 days

Take a 5-day course with me, if required including golf equipment and receive your ID immediately after passing the examination, either handed over or delivered by post.

How much does a course cost?

I offer the place in 5 days for only 495€. This includes theoretical and practical preparation as well as the final examination. If you don't have a racket set, you can rent a full racket set for €25.00 per day.

The space-ready test


he place maturity test consists of three different parts which are included in the overall evaluation. The behaviour on the course (golf etiquette) is checked to ensure safety, speedy playing time and the protection of the golf course. A theoretical examination, consisting of 30 questions, divided into light to difficult categories must be completed. 9 holes are played in the test, with the best 6 holes being evaluated and 9 Stableford points to be scored.